Global Mission

While there are multiple Global Mission organizations that we connect with, there are 2 that are of primary focus:


The denomination of which we are a part of has a strong emphasis on the foreign aspect of mission - it has since its inception over 140 years ago. Since 1887, The Alliance has served the spiritual and physical needs of millions of men, women, and children in every part of the world. Today, the C&MA’s global ministries encompass people in 81 countries and territories. In 70 of these, more than 700 U.S. workers are caring for the sick, befriending the lonely, and introducing spiritually impoverished people to Jesus. The U.S. Alliance is only part of the larger World Alliance Fellowship - made up of Alliance ministries from many nations of the world with their own antonymous organization an ministry.

Our local congregation - while praying for / financially supporting our Alliance missionaries through our denominational “Great Commission Fund” - has chosen to become a “ministry partner” with the missionaries serving in the nation of Cambodia. Over the years, we have developed a deep relationship with 2 families, in particular - Jeff & Heather Williams (& their family) and Bounoeuy & Chanthan Kes (& their family). Recently, we have also begun a relationship with Emily Bellinger, a new missionary to Senegal, West Africa - who grew up in our western Maine area.


Commonly referred to as “LCMH,” this non-denominational ministry began over 15 years ago as an outreach ministry to a small orphanage in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. To this day, members of our congregation take “trips” to Cap-Haitien to visit the local churches that have grown out from this ministry, as well as help with maintenance work on the orphanage. Recently, three of the children that have been part of the ministry since the beginning graduated from high school.

Each month, our people give their spare change - that they accumulate throughout the month - to our “Ewe Can” ministry that provides breakfast each Sunday for the people of the local community that attend the mother church in Haiti, where “Pastor Isaac” is Pastor. We also raise other funds to assist with the on-going, growing work of LCMH.